About us

About TRELA Roofing & Remodeling Co

Trela Roofing & Remodeling is a company with 66 years of experience in premium and full-service exterior home improvement in the Chicagoland area and south suburbs. Moreover, we are specialized in roofing hand proudly assisted by our Craftmanship.
However, everything began with a hard work couple story, Anthony & Ruby Trela. After serving his country during World War II, they were married on May 4th, 1946.
Then, Anthony worked including the Royal Crown Cola Company, also a trucking company that moved heavy equipment and two roofing companies.
With the roofing experience and veteran determination, he realized he could provide a vastly superior finished roofing project than the companies he had previously worked for. Here is when Tony & Ruby started their own roofing company in April of 1952. After a lot of no’s and patience, they got their first clients.
In the early days, the high quality service and fulfilled needs were so recognized by satisfied customers that the business expanded by word of mouth
Tony & Ruby were blessed with three generations of Trela’s family who keep their values and have been actively involved with the company since their early teens.
This is how, since the foundation of Trela Roofing & Remodeling, we have  been making strong efforts to provide our customer with the highest quality installation of the best quality products available, at a fair and reasonable price.
To reach our mission in every work we rely on three proven installation methods:
  • We hand nail all of our Premium and Standard Roofing Systems.
  • We use only our own employees who are paid hourly or salaried, not by the piece.
  • All of our employees have taken and have passed stringent Certification tests required by roofing manufacturers.