Est.            1952
“Have one on the House”
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Tony, Ruby & Robert
Tony & Robert
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Anthony & Ruby Trela were married on May 4th, 1946. Anthony had returned from serving his country during World War II with the Seabees and Ruby had been working in a war product plant building B-12 bombers. Most people knew Anthony as Tony, but everyone knew him as ‘AJ’. He had worked for various companies after the war, including the Royal Crown Cola Company, also a trucking company that moved heavy equipment and two roofing companies. With the roofing experience, he realized he could provide a vastly superior finished roofing project than the companies he had previously worked for. It was with that knowledge and their combined determination, Tony & Ruby started their own roofing company in April of 1952. Tony would meet with potential customers, patiently explaining to them how he would do the job correctly and then do all of the work himself. He did the installations during the day and met with prospective clients in the evenings and weekends. Ruby answered the phones, did the bookwork for the company, managed the housework for the family and also kept their three young boys in line. In the early days, the business expanded by word of mouth from their satisfied customers. Later, many past customers inquired about additional services such as siding, guttering, insulation, windows and interior work. The company expanded into many of these and even more areas and the name was officially changed to Trela Roofing & Remodeling in the early 1980’s to reflect those additions. Tony & Ruby were blessed with three sons, two of whom have been actively involved with the company since their early teens. John Trela continues to oversee all operations of the company and is currently Vice President. Robert Trela has been President of the company since the passing of Anthony Trela on January 28, 2007. We now proudly have three generations of Trela’s serving our customers, with Ryan Trela, Tony’s grandson, joining our company in 2003. Ryan currently oversees all sales and supervises our personnel, insuring total satisfaction to all of our customers. All of our crew chiefs have been with our company for over 20 years. Trela Roofing & Remodeling’s mission statement is, ‘To provide our customer with the highest quality installation of the best quality products available, at a fair and reasonable price.’ To achieve these goals, we rely on three proven installation methods. First of all, we hand nail all of our Premium and Standard Roofing Systems. Hand nailing is vastly superior to gun or staple type nailing (See separate article, ‘Hand nailing versus gun nailing’) when it comes to roofing installations. Secondly, we use no sub-contractors or piece workers. We use only our own employees who are paid hourly or salaried, not by the piece. Thirdly, all of our employees are not only trained by our own personnel, but also by our material manufacturers. All of our employees have taken and have passed stringent Certification tests required by roofing manufacturers. This allows our company to provide you with extended material and installation warrantees that are backed by not only Trela Roofing & Remodeling, but also the corresponding manufacturers. Our primary interest is in the quality of the installation, not how quickly or cheaply the project can be completed. We would like to thank all of our customers for the opportunity to provide for their remodeling needs. We would also like to thank all of our employees, past and present and also our supporting suppliers and manufacturers. We would not be able to provide total satisfaction to our customers without your incredible dedication and support. Remember, ‘Have One On The House’
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