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Trela Roofing & Remodeling has highly trained & certified technicians in the art of tuck pointing.  Tuck pointing becomes necessary when mortar develops cracks and holes. These can come from various causes, including the burrowing of bees and the entrance of water into hairline cracks, which during the winter can freeze and expand, widening the holes.   Tuck pointing is the process of replacing deteriorating mortar in the joints between bricks. Also known as "pointing" and "repointing," tuck pointing is necessary when the mortar becomes loose, which threatens the stability of the structure that it supports.  According to the Masonry Advisory Council, good-quality brick can last between 25 and 100 years, far longer than much mortar. To maintain a waterproof seal, occasional maintenance of the mortar becomes necessary over the life of the structure. If your home has brick, and is more than 20 years old then it may be time to check the mortar to determine if tuck pointing is necessary.  If you suspect leaking, drafts, or can visually see holes in between your bricks, call us to schedule an appointment to determine if your home needs mortar repair.
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