When you see a house for the first time, one of the first things you notice are the windows. But do you think they a simple decorated square  or an unusual shape? In fact, our exterior shutters at Trela Roofing & Remodeling provide privacy, light control , protection and easy customization.

Our Exterior shutters can be made of vinyl, wood, and faux wood. That is with this great variety of styles you can make the best combination with for your home. Moreover, they can be closed to protect the glass of the window from damaging winds

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After 66 years of experience remodeling homes in Chicago our team has improved the tuck pointing service to prevent damage such as the entrance of water that after a short time it can cause leaking, drafts, or holes in between your bricks. This threatens the stability of the structure that the mortar supports.

However our team at Trela Roofing & Remodeling  is highly trained & certified technicians in the art of tuck pointing. These maintenance service will help you to prevent water and freeze from outside your home, also this  increases the value and appeal of your home and you pocket will thank you Call us to schedule an appointment to determine if your home needs mortar repair.


Trela Roofing & Remodeling is a company with 66 years of experience in premium and full-service exterior home improvement in the Chicagoland area and south suburbs. Moreover, we are specialized in roofing hand proudly assisted by our Craftmanship.